Electronics and PCB Design

Freeburn Robotics is experienced in designing analogue and digital electronics for a variety of industries. As well as providing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services and assembly, we also have experience of selling our own PCB designs to consumers via our brand PiBorg. Whether you need a one-off PCB for a specific purpose, a prototype board for testing, or a small scale production run for your own customers, we are ideally placed to help you design and manufacture your ideal PCB.

  • Altium Designer for schematic capture and board layout.
  • Artistic silkscreen design and printing.
  • Component sourcing.
  • Assembly and quality control.
  • Prototype or small scale manufacturing runs.
  • Quick turnaround, if required.

Board and Silkscreen Design

From simple single layer boards to complex multilayer boards, our design experience coupled with Altium Designer makes even the most complicated designs possible.

Component Sourcing

Find the right components for the designed PCB can be complicated. Our experienced engineers can provide expertise to help you choose the right component for the job.


Either using our in-house assembly services or our experienced contacts, printed boards can be assembled to a high standard.

Rapid service

If required, we can expedite the manufacturing process to produce prototypes and small batches quickly – for example, one customer required a design to prototype in 48 hours which we achieved.

Contact Us to discuss your PCB design and manufacturing needs further.